Hemp Seed Florida – How to Grow Hemp in Florida

Hemp Seed Florida – How to Grow Hemp in Florida

Hemp is a rapidly growing industry, and the state is embracing it. Research is underway to understand how hemp can benefit Florida farmers and the environment. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) recently approved cultivation permits for hemp. These permits, issued in July of this year, require state universities to develop partnerships and test varieties for the Pilot Project. The pilot projects will use private resources to research hemp for agricultural purposes. It’s important to remember that hemp was grown in Florida until 1957, so the current research is not new. Rather, this industry is wasting $900,000 on research that will not have a meaningful impact on Florida farmers.

The state of Florida requires certified CBD hemp seeds to be grown in the state. In addition, they must be bred by an accredited university, such as Florida A&M University. One of the most popular varieties in Florida is the smokable Abacus 2.0, which is a feminized variety of the cynamol plant. It has a high CBG content and low THC content.

AOSCA certification for the State of Florida’s Hemp Production Program is needed to legally grow hemp in Florida. The state will certify the program in April 2020. AOSCA will help to sort through mismatched results on the Florida hemp market. While it’s still premature to start growing your own hemp in Florida, the AOSCA will help. In the meantime, stay tuned to the latest hemp news to learn about how to grow hemp in Florida.

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