Lemon Abacus Full Spectrum + D8 Crumble Review

Lemon Abacus Full Spectrum + D8 Crumble Review

When you hear “lemon abacus” and “full spectrum hemp”, you may not immediately think of a cannabis concentrate. However, this full spectrum strain combines the benefits of both. Lemon Abacus is a terpene-rich hybrid grown in a greenhouse with pure Delta 8 distillate. It provides a smooth, mild buzz with an entourage effect. This cannabis concentrate is made from both hemp and D8, and is available in an air-tight glass jar with a tamper-proof seal.

Unlike its cannabis-derived counterparts, lemonabacus is a fully legal form of cannabis, and it is infused with the same terpene-rich strains. Lemon Abacus has a strong lemon flavor and is highly sought after by cannabis consumers. It is also in short supply, but it’s still an excellent choice for anyone looking for a lemon-infused cannabis product.

The full spectrum concentrate contains more than 700mg of CBD and 300mg of delta-8. It also contains cannabinol, which increases the soothing effects of the cannabis. All of the crumbles come in glass jars, so you can enjoy them while dabbing, vaping, or smoking. It also has been tested by third-party laboratories to ensure its potency and purity.

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