Not Today Satan Meme

Not Today, Satan

The “Not today, Satan” meme is a self-contained, self-referential expression that usually implies moral superiority and gives the meme-user a sense of power. Because the expression is simple, easy to understand and ingrained in the vocabulary of most people, it has quickly become a viral phenomenon. In fact, it has now become one of the most common Internet memes. Read on to learn more about this viral sensation and how it was born.

Not today, Satan

The Not today, Satan meme first made its appearance in a popular drag show, on RuPaul’s DragRace. The phrase was popularized by Bianca Del Rio, who responded to a comment made by Courtney Act. Fans of the show immediately started using the phrase all over the internet. Soon enough, “Not today, Satan” became a viral sensation, becoming the topic of numerous parodies, memes, and t-shirts.

Although ‘Not today, Satan’ refers to a non-person adversary, this popular phrase has a double meaning. One way of interpreting the phrase is to consider whether or not the entity that controls a stoplight is the devil. While most people do not mean the entity behind the traffic light is the devil, they certainly bear some animosity towards the bureaucracy that controls traffic laws. While the phrase may not be aimed directly at a specific individual, it is often used to mock the evil doings of the government and the judicial system.

Video game streamers

The “Not today, Satan!” meme became a sensation on Twitch when a fan of Robyn, a popular player on Twitch, posted it on her channel. The streamer, who goes by Pooflower, wore a baphomet outfit and spoke in tongues. Her Twitch bits showed baphomets, little triple-sixes, and other grotesque characters.

The “Not today, Satan” meme is a self-contained, yet surprisingly catchy, meme. Often a witty expression of moral superiority, it makes a person feel powerful and empowered. Because it is universally understood, “Not today, Satan!” has the power to enter the vocabulary of others and become a viral sensation overnight. Video game streamers can use the “Not today, Satan” meme in a variety of ways.


The Not today Satan meme is a self-contained joke about the devil that is wildly popular in Christian circles. The phrase “Not today, Satan!” is often an ironic expression of moral superiority that worms its way into people’s lexicon. The phrase went viral after being spotted by a popular drag queen on RuPaul’s DragRace. Its message is not only a humorous but timely one, with the world seeing it as a sign of the times.

The phrase “Not today, Satan” has three different meanings and nuance. It can mean “not today, Satan,” “not today, but maybe in the future,” or “you’re evil,” which can be ambiguous. Churches are not the only places that have adopted the phrase, however. While the original meaning of this catchphrase is unclear, the phrase is popular among a broad range of people and can be spread on items from office supplies to office stationery.

Non-person adversary

The “not today, Satan” meme is a self-contained gag with a surprisingly deep meaning. Typically an ironic expression of moral superiority, the phrase can make a person feel powerful. As it is easily understood by virtually everyone, the phrase is likely to creep into the vocabulary of others. Its viral nature made it a phenomenon when it first launched. Here are some facts about the non-person adversary of not today Satan meme.

Despite its varied meanings, the phrase is often used with a heavy dose of nuance. There are two meanings of “not today, Satan.” The first means, “not today, but maybe tomorrow,” and the second means, ‘you’re evil.’ This makes it a confusing and potentially offensive phrase. This article focuses on the second meaning and aims to clarify the confusion around the phrase.

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