President Trump Speech Today Live

Watch President Trump’s Speech Today Live

If you’re looking for a good way to watch President Trump’s speech today, we have you covered. Trump said that Texas is 33-0, mentioned that Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be the next governor of Arkansas, and took shots at fake news and the media. He also called Liz and Harriet Cheney, the former first lady and current RINOs, “crazy.”

Bo Biteman is a Trump supporter

The state senator from Wyoming, Bo Biteman, has a rocky history with President Trump. His stance on foreign policy and his stance on the war in Syria are polar opposites. He’s been a frequent critic of Trump and is expected to vote against him in the November election. While he is not a Trump supporter, Biteman is a Republican who is openly critical of the president.

Trump’s criticism of Cheney’s policies have prompted many Republican lawmakers to vote against Cheney. The Wyoming GOP has now voted to no longer recognize Cheney as a Republican. The move comes amid ongoing scrutiny of Trump’s handling of the situation on the Capitol. As of November, Trump has not denied that he led an invasion of the Capitol. Meanwhile, Biteman’s bill would make it more difficult for Cheney to win her primary.

Cheney is a Trump supporter

Many of the GOP’s most influential members have decided that they don’t want Cheney to run for president again. While her primary opponent is a strong contender, recent polls show that she is down by more than 50%, putting her in a far worse position than her primary opponent. This means that if Cheney runs again, he won’t be able to win a second term. However, he might continue to play a critical role in the Republican party’s effort to stop Trump.

One reason Cheney may be considered a strong candidate is that she has strong support among Wyoming Democrats. The state is a safe Republican state, and Cheney’s support is strong in Laramie. Cheney’s campaign has invoked an old Wild West image of Cheney wrestling a steer. Wyoming Democrats support Cheney, and many of them have backed her because of her background in politics. Cheney also has a history of supporting Republican candidates, including Donald Trump.

Harriet Hageman’s speech is well-received

Trump’s endorsed candidate for Wyoming’s lone U.S. House seat, Harriet Hageman, is a former gubernatorial candidate. The attorney from Cheyenne was raised on a ranch near Fort Laramie and has been an advocate for “energy independent” America. Her recent speech was well-received, as a result.

While the RightSided media blasts Cheney and the Republican Party for a lack of knowledge, she says the state of Wyoming is not a RINO. She even mentions Sarah Huckabee Sanders as the next governor of Arkansas. Apparently, it’s a matter of pride and honor. But that doesn’t stop the RightSided broadcasters from calling Hageman a “crazy” person, despite her credentials.

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