Risk Board Game

Risk is a probabilistic game where players try to control entire continents, build up armies on their borders, and defeat their opponent’s forces. Although alliances are not explicitly endorsed by the game’s rules, players often form unofficial agreements to protect themselves against other players or eliminate weak ones. These unofficial agreements, however, are not enforceable by the rules, but are a common strategy among players. In addition to its strategic aspects, alliance making and breaking are also important components of Risk and can add human interaction to the game.


To play the Risk board game, you’ll need to understand the rules. You’ll place armies on territories, roll dice, and divide the total number of soldiers by three to determine who goes first. In this strategy game, you must move your troops quickly and use careful strategy to conquer more territory. However, it’s important to remember that you can attack enemy territory, but you may need to move before your opponents do. So what are the Rules of Risk?

World map

The RISK board game includes a large tabletop world map that divides the world into 42 territories and six continents. In the game, players use different colored tokens to represent different forces, and they can substitute symbolic tokens for smaller ones. The RISK card values are calculated at the beginning of every turn. To calculate the RISK card value, divide the current territory count by three. If you have three or more armies, the value is equal to three. Then, place your new armies on those territories, if necessary.


Players take turns placing infantry on occupied and unoccupied territories. To begin, players roll a dice to determine the highest number. The player with the highest number then takes the first turn and places his or her army on that territory. As the game progresses, players place additional infantry units on the territories they claim. During the game, players must also trade RISK cards for more armies. If they trade enough RISK cards, they can earn up to 5 additional armies.


The number of Reinforcements each player receives is dependent on how many continents they control. Reinforcements are listed in the lower left corner of the gameboard in order of continent size. When a player has three or more of a given type, they add those reinforcements to their reinforcement pile. The player must add these reinforcements to their pile in order to take control of a continent. Adding Reinforcements to a pile will allow players to move their units around and protect the continent.

Mission cards

In the Risk board game, you’ll control armies from continents and try to invade each other’s territories. You’ll have to use your risk cards wisely. Some risk cards allow you to trade with opponents to increase your armies. Others don’t. There are also some special rules, such as trading sets for extra armies. To learn more about these rules, read the rules for Risk:

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