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Shanghai Creative Superconductor Technologies Co. Ltd. was founded by Rene Fuger and Chuanbing Cai, both of whom have a background in physics and the development of superconductor technology. They are both entrepreneurs, and have come up with an innovative and efficient way to produce superconductors. Here, they discuss the company’s future plans. The following are excerpts from their interview.

ReBCO based superconductors

In recent years, ReBCO has gained increasing attention as a superconducting material for energy storage. In fact, the production of kilometer-class REBCO wires has reached commercial scale, despite the declining interest in Bi-2223. Currently, the only company that produces wires in the kilometer class is Sumitomo. These wires are several hundred meters long and have Ic values exceeding 250 A.

The high-field magnet applications provide the technology pull for HTS conductors. In addition, superconductivity applications in electric power are still a niche market. For these reasons, LTS materials have been stepping into commercialization and are preferred for some conditions. However, their cost is a major limitation. The cost of bi-2212 and Bi-2223 are around $60-80 per kA m, while REBCO conductors are about $100-200 per kA m for use in 4.2 K.

ReBCO films can contain different RE ions in different phases. Yb3+ and Sm3+ ions have a large difference in size. Consequently, they have different crystallization temperatures. By using a special method of chemical solution deposition, Yb1-xSmxBa2Cu3O7-d films were successfully synthesized.

Second-generation high-temperature superconductors are a type of electric power material, comprising a metal base band, an oxide buffer layer, and a cuprio oxide REBaCuO superconducting layer. These materials exhibit the properties of superconducting at higher temperatures, which reduces the power loss and heat generation that is typically associated with superconductor materials.

ReBCO tapes can also be used for magnets. The HTS magnet prototype can be loaded on maglev test lines. In addition, REBCO tapes without insulation are used in the core. This type of superconductor tape is a racetrack-shape magnetic module. The total inductance of this prototype magnet is 160 mH.

Large grain (RE)BCO bulk superconductors can generate high magnetic fields and can be fabricated using top seeded melt growth. Although they are relatively new materials, they have potential for engineering applications. Similarly, MgB2 has also been identified as a potential bulk superconducting material below 20 K. It is also easy to fabricate complex shapes from this superconducting material.

THEVA Pro-Line wire

HIGH-TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTORS are essential for magnet technology. They create compact moderate fields and are extremely important for high-end research and development. Using high-temperature superconductors, THEVA Pro-Line wire is able to achieve peak powers previously unachievable. Its dry cooling process can also make it less susceptible to quenching than conventional superconductors, resulting in higher operating reliability and cost-effective cooling technologies.

In Denmark, THEVA recently completed a demonstration project with its first superconducting wire, which replaced a permanent-magnet generator in a 3.6 megawatt wind turbine. THEVA designed the superconducting coils used in the wind turbine, which enabled the project to achieve its target output of three megawatts and supply power to the grid for more than 600 hours.

HTS cable is a high-voltage wire with exceptional environmental neutrality and extreme compactness. The new wire will be used in a 12-kilometer high-voltage line between Menzing and Munich South load center. HTS cables will be the largest and most lucrative segment of the superconducting market. They will save both money and time and improve overall electrical grid performance. In the meantime, HTS cable applications are expected to grow significantly.

Shanghai Creative Superconductor Technologies has a wide range of high-performance superconducting wires. With over 54 years of experience in superconducting wire manufacturing, ASC has developed and commercialized Type HT-NX superconductor wire that outperforms other HTS wires. In addition to its HTS wires, ASC offers custom-designed composite metal products to meet the demands of their customers.

Cryogenic Limited

As a leading supplier of cryogenic and magnetic sensors, AFCryo is ideally suited for applications requiring large amounts of cold energy. Its range of cryocoolers and re-liquefiers include pulse tube and sterling cold heads, and they offer a variety of options to suit different requirements. Other products and services include auto-fill systems and cryogenic level instruments. Shanghai Creative Superconductor Technologies Cryogenic Limited is headquartered in Shanghai, China.

As a global leader in cryogenic equipment, Cryofab specializes in high vacuum, high temperature, and low pressure systems. With a wide range of products to choose from, they cater to a wide variety of markets, including a broad range of industries. Their range of products includes double wall vacuum vessels, pressure vessels, and metal hose fabrication. Their advanced cryogenic equipment includes spectroscopic analyzers, which are used for in-situ measurement and reporting of BTUs and other properties. They are ISO9001-certified since 1997 and manufacture their products according to the highest quality standards and certifications.

SHI Cryogenics Group, a leading global supplier of cryogenic equipment and solutions, operates subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and the United States. The company serves customers around the world with innovative solutions in research, optical coating, and semiconductor applications. With over 50 years of experience in the field, SHI Cryogenics Group is dedicated to providing cutting-edge cryogenic equipment. With offices in Japan, the company has been developing and implementing cryogenic technology.

Cryogenic Limited provides a range of high-performance superconducting magnet systems. Magnet configurations include solenoids, vector, UHV, and beam-line magnets. Cryogenic Limited also offers Physical Property Characterization Systems, including DC & AC electric resistivity, dielectric/capacitance, and critical current, along with magnetometers. In addition to magnet systems, Cryogenic Limited offers Helium-3 inserts for additional performance.

Apart from manufacturing low-temperature superconductors, WST also manufactures specially designed wire and cable. The company provides standard conductors ranging from 0.025mm to 2.0mm in diameter, as well as customized composite metal wires. It can also meet OEM requirements. Further, it offers custom-designed composite metal wires, and can produce research and OEM quantities. The company specializes in high-end solutions for industries worldwide.

American Superconductor

In a global economy, the demand for underground electricity transmission is worth billions of dollars each year. This has created a huge demand for American Superconductor’s products, especially grid interconnection systems. Last year, the company signed a half-billion-dollar contract with Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Sinovel. Since then, Sinovel has been a leading source of revenue for American Superconductor. It also offers services to renewable energy project developers, such as engineering planning and consulting.

A recent development of American Superconductor is a wire made of superconducting materials. This wire can carry the equivalent amount of electricity in 10 copper cables. The company has also developed a number of innovative solutions for wind turbines, such as the electrical control systems that are used in many wind turbines currently deployed worldwide. The company is also developing new offshore wind turbines that can generate large amounts of electricity. For these and other projects, American Superconductor Technologies is an essential part of the U.S. energy supply chain.

This company provides products that make use of superconductor technology to move electricity more efficiently than copper and traditional wiring. The company’s signature masking system is unique and a significant step forward for the company, which has made its first design win with the US Navy. The purchase represents $150 million in revenue potential. But the company’s future is even brighter. Its stock is now trading at over 228 percent higher than last year.

Global high-temperature superconductor wire market is segmented by product type, application, and region. Rare earth-barium-copper oxide wire accounts for the largest share. This type of wire features high-temperature uniformity and has many applications. Although the market is large, YBCO wire is considered the most promising. Despite its price, it’s only a fraction of the market size of rare earth-barium-copper oxide wire.

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