Today’s Wordle Hint

Today’s Wordle Hint

Did you know that Wordle has a daily wordle puzzle? It’s free to play and gives you a hint for each day of the week! The best part? You can even save the daily puzzle to solve later. Today’s hint is “BERTH.”


BERTH is a nautical term. It is a name for the designated space for a vessel in a port or harbour. Giving a ship a “wide berth” means to give it more space and go around it. For example, if you are giving a ship a berth, you would be giving it a ‘wide berth’ and not a ‘narrow berth.’

If you’re looking for a wordle hint, you’ve come to the right place. Today’s hint is BERTH, and you’ve just been tasked with finding it. This puzzle can be challenging, so be prepared for a challenge! You’ll need a hint or spoiler to help you solve the word puzzle. The word BERTH is a nautical term used to refer to the designated space for a ship on a dock, but it can also mean “avoid” or “go around” if used in a different context.

An extreme version of something

The hint for today’s Wordle is ‘an extreme version of something.’ The answer is an adjective beginning with the letter E and ending with the letter U. The word has several unusual qualities, including an unusual letter order (the early IE in the word makes an EE sound!), a unique shape, and a distinctive pronunciation. Then there’s the wordle itself:

An equestrian noun

If you’re a Wordle player, you know that the new puzzle has been released. The good news is that you can find hints for it online. This game challenges your vocabulary and has become a popular pastime for many people. Not only can you try the puzzles, but you can also share them online. Below is the clue for today’s puzzle: An equestrian noun.

If you’re an equestrian, your horse’s name might be Pride. It’s also possible to double up and make a horse tamer by using the word ‘pride’ as the noun. You can also use an equestrian noun as an idiom, such as “a horse rider.”

Alternatives to Wordle

If you’ve missed today’s Wordle hint, don’t worry: there are alternatives to play the game that you can play right now. The game is free, available on the New York Times website. If you’ve missed a day, don’t worry: today’s Wordle will be available again tomorrow. There are also Wordle-themed games such as Lewdle, which uses only dirty words. If you love Pokemon, try Squirdle, which is a Pokemon-themed Wordle.

Pinto is a Spanish loanword meaning speckly, patchy, or mottled. While it is most often used to describe black-and-white spotted horses, it also describes beans with the same pattern. The root word, pinto, comes from the Latin word for painted, and the word itself is used metaphorically to describe natural patterns. To play the game, you must have at least six guesses before the daily reset at midnight.

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